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Mitch Turpin


Mitch was born & raised in East London, and has a variety of colourful stories surrounding the 43 years he lived there - ranging from “The Great Aldgate Beer Heist” to the bottom of his car falling out on the Autobahn, to the loss of a bacon sandwich during a bombing of the building in which he was working. These and many more stories are available upon request.

After spending 42 years in the corporate rat race, Mitch is pursuing his dream of ‘being his own boss’ – creating works of art in his home studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Previously, he has been a telecommunications engineer, car salesman, flooring specialist, manager of an Irish pub, operations manager at a law firm and real estate title examiner.



Mitch is self-taught and talented in both oil and pencil. He specializes in landscapes in oil on canvas & portraits in pencil. Mitch has also painted a few murals, the latest was for the Hendersonville Police Dept. The rich and detailed paintings of the English countryside featured on this site were created by him when he was in his late teens. The pencil drawings showcased on this site are taken from photographs of the subjects.

Mitch is also a keen angler and often paints pictures of the huge fish he catches……in his head!


City of London College - Telecommunications. 

University of Life – “Been there, seen it, done it”.



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